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In addition to a majority of persons with expertise in medicine, pharmacy, biology or chemistry, the National Research Ethics Committee is composed, of persons with expertise in the ethical, social or legal fields. The members of the committee are appointed by the Minister of Health.

President: Dr BOISANTE-BOURRIER Catherine, medical specialist in anesthesiology

Vice-President: M. ELTER Robert, graduate engineer in Chemistry


  • Ms. BAEHR Christine, nurse for anaesthesia and reanimation
  • Dr phil. BENOY Charles, PhD, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist
  • Dr BORRELLI Francesca, PhD, R&D and innovation advisor
  • Prof. BRAUM Stefan, jurist
  • Dr COVELLI Domenico, medical specialist in oncology
  • Mr. DIRKES Paul, professor of philosophy
  • Privatdozent Dr KOCH Armand, medical specialist in ear, nose and throat
  • Dr LE MOINE Françoise, medical specialist in oncology
  • Dr PAULY Fernand, specialist in paediatrics and physical and rehabilitation medicine
  • Mr. SCHINKER Baudouin, pharmacist
  • Dr SCHNEIDER Jochen, PhD, medical specialist in endocrinology and researcher in translational medicine 
  • Dr VAILLANT Michel, PhD, biostatistician
  • Ms. WEYDERT Anne, patient representative

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